A Night with Fakear

I must admit I haven’t really heard of Fakear up until a few weeks ago. Fakear is the stage name of Théo Le Vigoureux, a French musician, and songwriter of electronic music. Last night we went to see him play live at the famous Soup Kitchen in the Northern Quarter Manchester. We headed in about 9pm to a jam-packed raving room in the basement at the Soup Kitchen. Fakear was up playing some of his new tunes from his new album ‘All Glows’.  His music is quite unique, clearly a person who has traveled around the world. His sounds come from a combination of two launchpads, a laptop, a guitar and a drum. Melodic sounds, ambient noises, and beautiful vocals especially from his new track ‘Something Wonderful feat Ana Zimmer’. I love this track! Amazing to see Fakear play it live too. His enthusiasm and passion bringing his connection to his audience deep and unforgettable. As he adds more vibrations and sound on the launchpads the audience cheer and waves at him.

He stops and asks the audience “Is anyone French here?” to which the entire audience cheers ha. Whether they were actually from France or not, the room is jampacked with loyal fans loving his music. Including new fans us! Looking back through his album history and listening to interviews spiritualism and karma are apart of his life, a life that he craves peace and tranquility. For me, this reflects in his new tracks such as ‘Next Life and Lost Colours’.


The acoustics in this venue were fantastic together with a multitalented, global trotting producer and his new and loyal fan base made last night an uplifting spiritual experience.

His new album is available to buy today. Click:  https://fakear.bandcamp.com/album/all-glows

Go and see him on his world tour! Tickets – https://www.songkick.com/artists/6337884-fakear


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