Chill Factore

It’s been open a couple of years now. I live 15 mins away & don’t understand why I haven’t been before

I booked a snowboarding taster session to see what it was like. £36 quite expensive but it’s real powdered snow !

I arrived with Charlotte at the changing rooms they give you all you need warm trousers & a coat. Just make sure you bring thick gloves (ski gloves) or you can buy there for a few quid.

Danny came out to greet us, nice guy and took us about on the beginner slope (10 per group)

He quickly showed us how to strap into the board & showed us some techniques how to move when one foot is strapped in. For some reason me being a complete weakling, I couldn’t lift the board with my foot very easily. So as we hopped up the beginner slope I became a liability oops!

Danny was really nice & showed me what to do. I eventually got to slide down with immense fear !

I remembered skiing when I was younger in school with no fear doing jumps & stuff. Why is it when I hit 30, fear crippled me?!

I enjoyed the session my ankles & legs hurt during the session & after. Danny said it we because I was using muscles I’m not used to.

Recommend the session but if you would think you might be a Liability like me go for the private one.

I’m not giving up though !

Chill Factore is a great place, ski & snowboarding shops, a skiing Travel agent & even a Nandos ! I’m sold on that.

A viewing area upstairs by rock climbing if you want to watch your family & friends on the main slope with a bar too

Definitely worth a try!  My friend told me if you sign up to their newsletter they send out cheaper prices for lift passes.


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