Hitting 30

So, you have reached that ripe age of 30 and no doubt people in your close circle of friends are either engaged, getting married or having children ... Am I right?

Well, that's the situation I have found myself in.

To me, it’s not a difficult situation, in fact quite the opposite with only having myself to answer to. Nevertheless, the problems begin to arise when you are required attend close friends’ and family events such as christenings and weddings and these are only getting more and more frequent with our adopting of traditions of our overly patriotic friends across the pond. This means there is now a party for every stage of life; baby showers, proms, pre-school graduation and the list goes on.....

Going to these solo is usually stressful and always ends up in the same exchange heard every Christmas day and birthday up and down the country to girls hitting the 30 limit and still single....

The dreaded conversations....

So, you've put your make up and smile on, spent the last of your money on a gift (Wouldn’t splitting the cost of that be nice?) and have headed out to your gathering which of course, as Miss Jones quite rightly puts it is already packed full of SMCs. That being “Smug Married Couples” to the rest of you and then it happens. The dreaded, eye -rolling conversation that begins with the pity arm stoke.

SMC or Relative: "So, how’s the dating going Amy?"

Me: "Fine thanks" *Not this again, just go away already*

SMC or Relative: "Are you not with anybody then?"

Me:  "No" *Yes,  just let me pull him out of my bag hold on....surprise!*

SMC or Relative:  "Bloody hell! What’s wrong with these men, Amy! You're a pretty girl! I don’t understand them"

Me: "Tell me about it. What can I do though?” *Should be bloody banging down my door , obvs!*

Now it is at this point. Relatives start tailing off. They don’t want to broach the idea of kids but the SMCs, especially those that have just had children, will go on. This is the point you wish for a quick and painless death right there on the spot.

SMC: "Well Amy, you better start soon. Tick Tick! You don’t want to be having children in your 40's now do you?!"

Me: *Gives a half hearted giggle, while remember just 1.5 years ago at least one half of this SMC was still living it up in IBIZA and doing the stride of pride three times a week*

This exchange happens all too often. We singletons know you mean well but why not ask me how I am doing in my career instead?! I work considerably harder at it and it is something I actually have achieved, isn't pity inducting and mildly interesting to talk about for everybody involved. Plus, there is the added bonus no participant in the conversation wishes for a quick and painless death.

If you are one of 'those' people reading this. We know you mean well but...Back off! Ask me about the weather instead. Or my job, Education, Climate, Politics, the lifespan of carrots I dont care! Just not the above.... capish? 😉

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