Comic Con 2016

My first London Comic Con, wow what an experience! 


Stormtroopers, Dead pool, Superman & Batman were some of the guests that joined me & my friend David at Comic Con this weekend (27-29 May 2016) 60,000 people showed up today a fantastic atmosphere bringing out the Geek in me.

Across the weekend 120,000 people showed up. Over 500 stalls with private collectors selling memorabilia, posters and collectors items.

The best bit about this event was seeing the people dressed up. I met a guy that had paid £2,000 for this Iron Man outfit (have a peek at my photos)

Guest celebrities were interviewed in front of a live panel and also signed autographs for dedicated fans.

I had the opportunity to interview the main cast members of Agents of Shields & Poppy Drayton from Shannara Chronicles all very pleasant in a relaxed environment.

You must go to one of the Comic Cons once in your life, its such fun with a really electric atmosphere.

Next year I am not interviewing so I can dress up as a minion ha ha!

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