An Exclusive Interview with the Bedknobs and Broomsticks Cast

Charles Brunton (Emelius Browne) Interview 

Charles is a well established actor he grew up in Southampton, best known for his roles in Musical Theatre.

Charles made his first theatrical debut at the age of nine in the production of Nine (Royal Festival Hall), playing opposite Jonathan Pryce. As a child actor he went on to appear in Oliver! (London Palladium – Original 1994 Cast) and Cleopatra (Sadlers Wells, Houston Ballet Company). 

Charles received a scholarship to train at Arts Ed in London graduating in 2003

Welcome to Manchester Charles

  • Have you ever been to the Palace Theatre in Manchester?

Yes so many times, I love Manchester its one my favorite cities. I have been here before playing Scrooge with Tommy Steel at the Palace in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

  • How did you feel when you got the part for a multi worldwide winning musical?

I was home I had six rounds of auditions. I got home feeling quite stressed and they UK creative team and American Team have approved me to play, but I need to wait to hear from Disney. They phoned me a week later and told me I had got the part of Emelius Brown I was over the moon, the first thing I need was offer a prosecco to celebrate. I had to wait three months before I could tell anyone. I couldn’t believe my luck!

  • What excites you about the role of Emelius?

The way that I play it in the musical is very different from the film. They have acknowledged the film, and updated it. He starts as bonkers man who lives by himself in a dirty flat, but loves his life. He meets Eglantine Price played by Dianne Pilkington and his life changes. I have never been in a show when they audience gasps! We can see the audiences reaction as the bed flies its amazing! The also acknowledge old Victorian style magic too!

  • What are your favourite tracks that you sing?

I have loads of new tracks I have a brand new song called “Emelius the Great”, then in act two. Look out for “Its now” its a ballet I love singing this, it sums up the journey my character goes on.

  • Any stories from the Bedknobs and Broomsticks rehearsals days in London?

They built the stage in the Rehearsal room for us, we did tech for three months which really helped us get into character. Its a brand new script and new music, we had script changes constantly. We have lots of amazing puppets too the interaction with them is lovely. One of the scenes was hilarious! I do lots of street magic, every time I went to open my bag I had different props to use. The props team wanted to see how I interacted with different props.

  • What can audiences expect from this tour of Bedknobs and Broomsticks ?

Its a fanatic completion of a heart felt story and its wonderful acknowledgment to the film with some extra plot twists and changes which update the story.

  • Tell us about the special effects in the show

The flying bed is amazing, I turn into a rabbit which is a little painful for me, because I have to squeeze into a small shape. The rabbit looks great though, the special effects in the production are amazing.

  • Three words to describe Bedknobs and Broomsticks ?

Magical, emotional and family.

The show opens TOMORROW and its on at the Palace Theatre in Manchester from 19th till 24th October 2021

Tickets: HERE

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