A Night with the Wailers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Over the last few months, I have had the privilege of getting to know Aston Barrett Junior one of the original band members son of Aston Barret ‘Family Man’ who was one of Bob Marley’s closest friends. Played and toured with Bob all his life and performing and writing some of Bobs most famous songs like “Simmer Down”, “Trenchtown Rock”, “Nice Time”, “War”, “Stir It Up” and “Get Up, Stand Up”.

Last night I attended the Manchester date of the wailers UK tour at the Manchester Academy. I arrived at 8:30pm on Saturday night to a packed room with the fresh smell of a certain herb in the air. The atmosphere was relaxed and the audience was in a good mood excited for the wailer to come on stage.

Big cheer as the band came on and the room filled with excitement. For me, the lead singer Josh Barrett sounded exactly like a young version of Bob Marley, he jumped room the stage with some magic dance moves. The whole feeling of the band felt like they really enjoyed sharing their music and not like a lot of musicians I have seen where they are there for the paycheck.

Here was the band line up and setlist:-


  • Lead singer – Josh Barrett
  • Drums – Aston Barrett Junior
  • Bass Guitar  – Owen ‘Dreadie’ Reid
  • Keyboards- Andras Lopez
  • Lead Guitar – Donald Kinsey
  • Bass – Ashton ‘Family man’ Barrett
  • Backing Vocals – Ann-Marie Thompson & Shema McGregor


  • Irie
  • Rastaman Vibration
  • Is this love
  • I shot the Sheriff
  • Johnny was
  • Heathen
  • Survival
  • No Women, No Cry
  • 3 Little Birds/One Love
  • Johnny B Goode
  • Jammin/Get up


  • Redemption Song
  • Lively up yourself
  • Exodus

They performed some of my favourite hits like ‘Is this love, No woman, no cry, 3 little birds, one love and Jammin. For me, these songs are magical relaxing and really get the crowd going. The band’s energy on stage was electric all jumping and dancing about. I loved the guitar solos throughout the performances!

The Band are still on their UK tour. Honestly go and see them they are magical, I came out on Saturday night feeling a buzz.

After the show I got to meet the band backstage they all gave me a hug; as me and two others went upstairs to the academy. As we walked into the room the original wailer Aston ‘family man’ Barrett was there with a big smile on his face eating nuts next to the heater. His sons Josh and Aston introduced me to him and it was a privilege to meet him.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

Check out their remaining dates for their UK tour. Don’t miss out on a magical night!

Tickets: HERE

Their last date in the UK is Saturday 23rd March 2019, don’t miss them. Its a 5 star from us congratulations!

Review by Amy Parkinson

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