Exclusive Interviews with the Bat Out of Hell Cast

Bat Out of Hell is the 1977 the debut album by American rock singer Meat Loaf and composer Jim Steinman they sold over 50 million albums worldwide and quickly became one of fastest-selling albums of all time.

The musical premiered at the Manchester Opera House in Manchester, England, on February 17, 2017, and ran there until April 29, 2017, with rave 5 star hit reviews then to carry on to win awards all over the world, and now it’s back opening this Saturday 11th September 2021 where it once premiered and we can’t wait!!

Today we caught up with the leads for this tour Strat (Glenn Adamson) and Raven (Martha Kirkby)

Glenn Adamson (Strat) Interview 

Glenn originally from Blackpool, Fleetwood he  previously studied at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool has spent the majority of his life in the North.

Welcome to Manchester Glenn!

  • Have you ever been to the Opera House in Manchester?

No, I haven’t been to the Opera House but I’ve performed at the Palace Theatre in American Idiot. I love being in Manchester again.

  • How did you feel when you got the part for a multi worldwide winning musical?

I originally auditioned for the role of Ledoux as I left the second audition the producers invited me back in to sing for Strat, totally unexpected, I have seen the show three times.  Its never dawned on me that I would get strat, I had just finished doing American idiot on the New Zealand leg of the tour. It hadnt even occurred to me this would happen!

On the final day of auditions they put Martha me together too sing, it just felt right with Martha. Three of the cast I did American idiot with just finished in NZ. One of them phoned me and said I have just got in BAT, and I called my agent and they I was getting round to calling you, an offer is on the table for Strat! I said you must be wrong? I  face timed my fellow cast member back and said I’ve got it too!

For me, it was like a dream show; I thought I’m gonna work my bum off!

  • What excites you about the role of Strat?

The music excites I am a massive fan of all the Steinman music, he’s a romantic lead, he’s energic and wild character. Every night is a workout, in terms of how they feel physically. Not a traditional love story. Raven has all the power, and strat is more submissive in this version. We have updated for 2021, everything is raven first. She has the power, to reflect a more modern society.

  • What are your favourite tracks that you sing?

Its all coming back to me now, all because of Martha I cry every time. I cry because she’s so good, I’m in ore of her when she sings. ‘What part of my body hurts the most’ I love to enjoy them rather than lead the songs.

  • Any stories from the Bat rehearsals days in London?

Honestly one day Martha and I were listening to the orchestra play ‘What part of my body hurts the most’ we felt so lucky being in that room listening to the music play.

  • What can audiences expect from this tour of BAT?

After what everyone’s been through one (Covid 19 pandemic) our story rings a lot more true than it did before. Resonates more true now than ever; Ravens is stuck in her house, feels more relevant and people can relate better plus the amazing music that people love and a really great love story not the traditional.

  • Three words to descibe Bat?

Rock N Roll, high energy and fantastic night out!

Credit: Chris Davis Studio

We also caught up with Martha Kirby who plays Raven a girl from originally from Bristol who’s really excited about the new tour.

Martha Kirby (Raven) Interview 

Welcome to Manchester Martha!

  • Have you ever been to the Opera House in Manchester?

Yes I came to watch the new musicial ‘And Juliet’ which I really enjoyed.

  • How did you feel when you got the part for a multi worldwide winning musical?

Honestly it was such a crazy day! I was in the shower and water started leaking from the bath pipe, I ran to the local leisure centre (with half washed hair) and finished washing it and had a call from my agent; an odd day but amazing.

  • What excites you about the roll of Raven?

I enjoying her strength, exploration and freedom and I can relate to being locked up (Covid 19 pandemic) as we have all just been through it.

  • Do you feel it’s a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, how do you feel this would work today under Falco’s rule?

A post apocalyptic world makes more sense as we have just been through this, the musicial has more relevance now, more than ever.

  • What are your favourite tracks that you sing?

A love it when we all sing Dead Ringer, Steinmans/ Meatloafs songs are massive songs. Rollercoster power houses!

  • What can audiences expect from this tour of BAT?

High energy, post apocalyptic madness!

  • Three words to describe BAT?

Powerful, fast paced, passionate

Thank you to the Palace and Opera House for setting up the interviews up and it was really lovely speaking to Glenn and Martha. Good luck with the show we cant wait to see you on Tuesday!

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Interviews by Amy Parkinson

Check out this beautiful behind the scenes video shot in London with them singing ‘For Crying Out Loud’ September 2021

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