Exclusive Interviews with the Heathers Cast

Amy Parkinson speaks to Lizzy Parker who plays Heather McNamara (lady in yellow above) in the new UK tour of Heathers the Musical direct from the West End.

Have you ever been to the Palace Theatre in Manchester?

I have been to manchester before but never to Palace Theatre, unfortunately. We came over for a friend’s birthday a while ago.

How did you feel when you got the part for a multi worldwide winning musical Heathers?

It’s a niche show, a cult show. They brought it to the west end in 2018. I was auditioning last February/March 2020 for the part just before lockdown. Then a got a call in May all my hard work had paid off. I was so happy.

What excites you about the role of Heather?

Heather, she not just a mean girl, she speaks the least. She’s reacting the most she goes on a massive journey in the show. Even the popular girls in school still have pressures going on in their lives.

What are your favourite tracks that you sing, tell us about the music?

A love doing ‘”Shine a light” with audience interaction and I love the big assemble numbers
And my favourite track is “My dead gay son”.

Any stories from the Heathers rehearsals days in London?

We were all invited to watch the west end version of the show, watching a different cast which was fun. We quickly found our cast bonded really quickly. We became a bit of a family.

What can audiences expect from this tour of Heathers?

We expect high energy, very dark comedy some poignant moments

Three words to describe Heathers the Musical

fun, electric and 80s

Really lovely to meet you Lizzie, break a leg tonight !

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