A date in October

Last night I went on a date with a guy from a paid dating site.

We had been chatting for a couple of weeks and he seemed nice. He lived in the Wirral and I am from Manchester. I thought it would be reasonable to meet in the middle – Stockton Heath.

I arrived nervous as ever (the only time I ever feel this by the way…I would rather stand in front of a 100 people naked and do a presentation)

Anyway! We met up and yes he looked like his pictures & seemed ok. We went to three different restaurants and no food bookings for 45 mins. The only place that wasn’t full was a pub chain honestly not my idea of heaven. Pub food (microwave hell) & loud music on a first date, boo!

We sat down and ordered food. He began to tell me about his life story. To honest the past 18 months have been horrific for him and I did feel really sorry for him. I did think he told me too much information for a first date. I started to feel like his counsellor. Harsh it may seem but he definitely went into much detail. About his ex, his family. The date felt a bit like situations I have described in The Date’ under Mr ‘not over my ex yet’. 

The date ended at 9:30pm! Very early! He said he was getting up early for work (boring, its only Thursday!) So am I! Granted we had both travelled 50 minutes to see each other we met at 7pm.

The bill came and I looked down it was £21 I got my card out and he said “shall we split it’ *really ? I thought its like £11*

I said yes of course. Its not about the money or the guy paying for you. Its just nice to be treated once in a while, especially when I have driven 50 minutes, my tan, hair and make up would not even be close to £11. Great! Plus I have been counselling him the whole time too!

We got up and left, there was a moment of awkward silence and I said “shall I walk you to your car”? *Don’t ask me why I said this.

We got near his car and he was like “thanks for a nice night” I was like “sure”. He went in for the kiss and I went for in for the hug option. He was like “be nice to see you again”

I was like “err sure”….

He turned around and walked back to his car. Not checking if I was ok getting back to mine. (I mean there are crazy clowns at the moment attacking people in the streets!) He should have checked.

No text either to see if I got back ok. Standard dating rules were not applied here 🙁

I will not be seeing him again….

I made a video for you all to enjoy about the experience too.

Why is dating so hard in the 21st century. Take me to back to the 1950s….please.

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